Komfort Desert

Komfort Desert

This is an ergonomic office chair of high durability. Like all ROSART chairs it is made of high-quality materials. The fabric it’s upholstered with is highly resistant to fire (from a cigarette or a match), which makes it suitable for public places.

Suitable for: offices, shops, supermarkets, warehouses.


Net price: 74 EUR/pcs (Ex-works)

weight (1 pcs) - 11,5 kg

1 Euro pallet  - 16 pcs of chairs

(height 2.4 m)

Soft floor castors - standard
Hard floor castors - extra pay 8 EUR (set)



Dimensions of stool

Chair height: 970-1115 mm
Seat height: 430-570 mm
Armrest height: 200 mm
Seat width: 470 mm
Seat depth: 400-450 mm
Back height: 530-580 mm
Base: 600 mm
Cladding: Material: Desert



Colours available:

D-100 Black  
D-200 Navy blue
D-300 Red
D-400 Brick-red
D-500 Dark grey
D-600 Light grey
D-700 Beige

The real colours may differ a bit from those on the website.