Black 01 WH (castors)

This is an ergonomic swivel chair with adjustable height (a gas spring) and adjustable seat depth. Material: fabric. Option: castors

Suitable for: industry, retail, service points, laboratories, sewing rooms, warehouses, etc.



Net price: 62 EUR/pcs (Ex-works)
higher version - Net price: 70 EUR
weight (1 pcs) - 8,5 kg
1 Euro pallet - 31 pcs of chairs
(height 2.2m)
Preparation time - 48h


Soft floor castors - standard
Hard floor castors - extra pay 8 EUR (set)


Dimensions of chair


Normal version

Higher version 

Chair height: 750-880 mm 810-1000 mm
Seat height: 390-520 mm 450-650 mm
Armrest height: not apply
Seat width: 450 mm
Seat depth: 420-470 mm
Back height: 360 mm
Base: 600 mm
Cladding: material: "BEST"


Colours available:

X-26 Black
X-33 Maroon
X-09 Navy blue
X-39 Grey

The real colours may differ a bit from those on the website.