KomfortMax Eco H + RING PD + WH  (castors)

This is a material chair. Ideal for all industrial applications, including workshops and factories using chemicals (oil, grease, water). Material: Synthetic PU leather. Option: feetrest and armrests and castors.

Suitable for: workshops, warehouses, laboratories, shops, healthcare centres.



Net price: 119 EUR/pcs (Ex-works)

weight (1 pcs) - 14,5 kg

1 Euro pallet - 7 pcs of chairs

(height 2.2 m)

Preparation time - 48h

Soft floor castors - standard

Hard floor castors 

- extra pay 8 EUR (set)

Adjustable armrests

- hard cover - extra pay 17 EUR (set)
- soft cover - extra pay 25 EUR (set)



Parametry krzesła

Wys. krzesła: 1160-1300 mm
Wys. siedziska: 650-760 mm
Wys. podłokietnika: 220 mm
Szer. siedziska: 470 mm
Wys. oparcia: 530-580 mm
Podstawa: 600 mm
Wykończenie: tkanina Ecoskóra


Colours available:

ECO 100 Black
ECO 110 Beige
ECO 120 Red (russet)
ECO 130 Green

The real colours may differ a bit from those on the website.